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I wrote this book

to help people

end the pain

of stress.  Just

imagine -


that deliver

big results  -


practical tips to

manage stress.




In my revised book ‘Stress Management by Dr Jeff’, I describe 7 Steps to Beat Stress. This 60 page book packed with information and advice covers many of the things you need to know about stress, including:

• positive and negative stress

• stressors

• stress triggers

• stress testing (how stressed are you right now?)

• stress at home

• stress at work

• stress in relationships

• dealing with stress

• relieving stress, and

• how to get a life-work balance so that

• YOU will have the happy, relaxed life you deserve!

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Imagine being able to live a normal life again without feeling exhausted, anxious, worried, stressed out?  Wouldn't that be great? Do you really need to have people, events, and relationships CONTROLLING YOUR LIFE?  Of course not. YOU should be in control of your life.


YOUR problem – and my problem - is this - the more stressed we become – the less chance we have of breaking out of that vicious cycle.


Wouldn’t YOU feel much better if you were able to control stress - not have stress control you? It truly is possible, but you need to know practical and effective stress management strategies.


I wrote this comprehensive e-book – to give you the knowledge and power to manage your life more successfully. And it's not like any other ebook you've ever read on overcoming stress.


It’s simple. First, I am a professional who provides clinical services to people who are anxious, stressed, worried, or depressed. I have drawn upon real people, solid research and clinical evidence from my many years of experience as a psychologist. I know that the information in my book ‘Stress Management by Dr Jeff’ is not only supported by the research evidence, it is effective! I know that these strategies work as I have used them with my patients.


Even more importantly, I have organized and written this book so that it is very easy to follow and understand. I want you to be able to learn from this book so that for the rest of your life you will know how to manage stress effectively.


This is the genuine article. Solid information.  

All designed to train you in stress management.


Here’s A Sample Of What You'll Find Inside this Instant Download Ebook

"Stress Management by Dr Jeff"



• What are stressors?

• What are your stress triggers?

• What is your stress level?

• A FREE stress test to see if you are stressed out

• A model to assess your level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence

• Knowing how to BE CALM © - Dr Jeff’s powerful stress management model

• Learning the value of social support

• Building resilience and coping

• Understanding and dealing with stress in your workplace

• Making stress a positive experience to enrich your life


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Stress Management by Dr Jeff is delivered in PDF format. It will be downloaded instantly and you can begin learning to manage and reduce stress in minutes.


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©  Dr Jeff Bailey 2009 All rights reserved. Purchase of product signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale - this product is sold in good faith to help people understand how to manage their stress. Dr Jeff recommends that if people have persistent and/or disabling levels of stress and anxiety they should seek qualified professional support.